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Amine Hacha

Lebanese Cyberspace association
Beirut - Lebanon
Amine Hacha from Beirut-Lebanon. He earned a BIS in Computer Science, BA in Business Management, and completed special courses in Programming Fashion Design in Japan. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Modern Horizons International S.A.R.L., a company that specializes in business consulting and IT services.
Aside from his professional achievements, Amine is ICANN Middle-East Space co-chair 2023/24, also an activist on Digital Human Rights, dedicating his time to causes related to digital law, digital transformation, and Internet Governance. As the Founder and President of the "Lebanese Cyberspace Association", he actively advocates for these issues.
In his free time, Amine enjoys engaging in physical activities such as fencing and Taekwondo, as well as expressing his creativity through salsa and tango dancing.