IGF 2014 has ended

Towela Nyirenda Jere

NEPAD Agency
Programmes Manager
South Africa
I am a graduate of the inaugural ISOC Next Generation Leaders Programme; have completed several Internet Governance training programmes offered by the Diplo Foundation (Introductory and Advanced phases; Internet Governance Strategy, Policy and Research); have attended the European Summer School on Internet Governance (Euro-SSIG) and have received fellowships from ICANN and AfriNIC; I was instrumental in getting the NEPAD Agency’s participation as an observer on the ICANN Government Advisory Committee. I have co-organised side events and workshops or participated as a panellist at the IGF (Nairobi and Baku) and the Africa IGF. I co-organised the inaugural Southern Africa Internet Governance Forum and the inaugural Africa School on Internet Governance. I continue to advocate for increased awareness among African policy makers of the importance and significance of Internet Governance processes at national and continental level.

I have a particular interest in seeing increased participation from African stakeholders in global Internet governance spaces and processes and increased intra-African dialogue on Internet governance issues; I recognise that working in an inter-governmental agency provides a unique perspective and point of departure. In addition to raising the profile of Internet governance on the continent, I am also helping to raise my organisation’s awareness of the issues and the role that it can play.