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Maarten Botterman

Board Director, ICANN
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Over 25+ years experience in guiding governments and major organisations on the economic/business and societal impacts of current and future internet innovations and technologies.
Participated and led more than 50 international projects and studies for governments and industry on Future Net issues with teams including experts with advanced academic degrees from many disciplines ranging from technology and mathematics to economics and law, and from many different countries and cultures.
Set up and led an international Policy Research team on Information Society Policy in the Netherlands, a national public-private platform on Information Assurance in the UK, got deeply involved in global Internet Governance practice when chairing the Board of a major Internet Registry and the Supervisory Board of an Open Internet supporting Foundation, got involved in the Internet & Jurisdiction work as independent moderator of the Internet Domains and Jurisdiction track, helped set up the Institute for Accountability in the Digital Age as Co-Founder and Board Director, and spearheaded a global initiative on Global Good IoT Practice in the IGF context.
Board Director of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number (ICANN) a global non-profit with the mission to ensure security and stability of the unique identifier system for the Internet

Maarten Botterman is uniquely qualified to serve as a corporate BOARD MEMBER due to extensive governance experience, strategic analyses insights and high-level ACCESS to government internet policy makers.

Furthermore, he and his senior partners provide high-level advice and expertise to businesses, including:
COUNSELING international corporates and businesses to anticipate future internet related opportunities and navigate emerging global data/privacy regulations and compliance (to remain proactive vs. reactive).
REVIEWING and VALIDATING internal policy impact assessments and feasibility studies from an global multistakeholder perspective (or conduct them, when necessary).
INFORMING governments on opportunities to invest in emerging internet technologies and accompanying measures that benefit both society and business.
CONFIDANT for Business Leaders that are contemplating on potentially disruptive business directions and/or Board/Leadership relationships (and governance issues).