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Dixie Hawtin

Global Partners Digital
Programme Lead
London, U.K.
Dixie Hawtin is a programme lead at Global Partners Digital, where she has managed a number of projects aiming to build greater global South civil society influence on internet policies at the national, regional and global level through research, outreach, training and advocacy. She is currently facilitating an initiative for an African Declaration on Internet Rights and Principles. Dixie has written and co-written a number of publications looking at the intersection between human rights and internet policy/governance including: “Cyber Security, Surveillance and Online Rights” for the Stockholm Internet Forum, “Global Survey on Internet Privacy and Freedom of Expression” for UNESCO, and “Information and Communication Technologies and Human Rights” for the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights. She was the commissioning editor of the first two “Travel Guides to the Internet World” – a series that arms a new generation of activists to fight for internet rights and freedoms. Dixie served as an independent expert on the Council of Europe working group on rights of internet users. She co-chaired the Internet Rights and Principles Coalition for two years and is currently on its steering committee. She has an MA in Human Rights from the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and an LLB in Law from the University of Warwick.