IGF 2014 has ended

Luca Belli

Council of Europe/Université Paris 2
Luca Belli has recently joined the Council of Europe's Internet Governance Unit, where he works as an agent.
Over the past years, Luca Belli worked for the IGF Secretariat, for the Internet Society and for the Council of Europe. Furthermore, he was trained as an ISOC Next Generation Leader and was appointed ISOC Ambassador to the IGF in 2011 and 2012.

Since 2010, Luca Belli has actively contributed to the IGF process at the national, regional and global level, acting as panellist and session-moderator and organising several IGF sessions. Luca is also the founder of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality (networkneutrality.info) and the co-founder of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility (platformresponsibility.info).

As a PhD researcher at Université Paris 2, Luca Belli investigated several Internet governance topics, such as network neutrality, Internet openness, cloud regulation and the global administration of the domain names system. Luca Belli is currently completing a PhD in public law, focusing on how Internet governance can be utilised to elaborate model regulatory instruments.

Luca is also senior author and member of the steering committee of Medialaws.eu