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Ayori Selassie

Founder and CEO
Ayori Selassie is an AI expert, technologist, author of ReDesign Your Life with AI (redesignyourlifebook.com) and investor in You.com, the first AI chat-based search engine. With two decades of experience in the field, Ayori has made significant contributions to the development and application of AI technologies delivering talks to help Future-proof Your Life and Career with AI and Learn to Control Machines with her podcast AI Newbies (ainewbies.com). As a autodidact (self-taught) in Computer Science and AI, Ayori has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the field, making her an inspiring role model for those interested in pursuing a career in technology against all odds. She has worked with leading Fortune 50 companies on various AI projects, ranging from natural language processing to machine learning algorithms. Learn more about all of Ayori’s initiatives such as her forthcoming book and Life Model Design at www.AyoriSelassie.com, and subscribe to the AI Newbies Podcast at ainewbies.com.