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Izumi Okutani

Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
Policy Liaison
Tokyo, Japan
Policy Liaison, Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC).

Izumi Okutani performs Policy Liaison at JPNIC, a National Internet Registry(NIR) managing IP address space in Japan. She has experiences in outreach and training activities for Policy Development in Japan, and has been involved with coordination between the Japanese and wider Asia Pacific communities since 2000. She has experiences in adopting IPv4 Transfer Policy as well as other IPv4 and IPv6 related policies. Izumi has served as NIR SIG Chair in the APNIC forum since 2005-2012.

In addition, she has recently become responsible for outreach in Japan on GNSO and other discussions at ICANN forum, including the IANA stewardship transition. Awareness building and nuturing platform of broader internet governance issues in Japan is another area Izumi is engaged.