IGF 2014 has ended

Sylvain Baya

Cameroonian Network Operators Group | ISOC Cameroon Chapter
cmNOG Co-Founder & Coordinator | ISOC.CM Board's Member
Yaoundé, Cameroon
Sylvain BAYA ABOKA, a Cameroonian envolved in ICT, Network Engineering, Internet Telecommunications, amongst other, to contribute to the Development of his country.
He is a proud Christian Evangelist, able to live with all human being without conflictual religious considerations.
He gets a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) after achieving two level of mathematics licence at Yaounde I University, now he is involved in Network Engineering.
He Founded the cmNOG | Cameroonian Network Operators Group, following Nishal's precious advices, with some other friends as Victor NDONNANG, Mukong TAMON, Adamou NACER, Jean Baptiste MILLOGO, Augustine CHII, Fidelis ANGWACHA and some students of the CUTI (Centre Universitaire des Technologies de l'Information). They have began this long walk at the end of AfriNIC-15 which was held in Yaoundé-Cameroon on November 2011. They invited all staff of Cameroonian's ISP/NO (Network Operators) attending that meeting.
He is also a Board's member of Internet Society Cameroon Chapter.
To him, attending the IGF is as a way to help the cmNOG to climb upto a new stage !

Intégrité,Rectitude morale,Foi en DIEU:maître-mots guidant sa modeste pensée et ses actions.
Très riche d'incorruptibilité: Il est prêt à joindre des causes paraissant perdues d'avance.
Poète: Il écoute la musique des mots et partage ce plaisir simple.