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Emin Demirci

Confederation of the Disabled in Turkey
Board Member, EBU (European Blind Union)

Born in 1957 in Konya, Turkey; blind from childhood onwards; boarding school experience at the Gaziantep School for the Blind for primary and secondary education; integrated education at Beyşehir High School in Konya; B.A. in Sociology at Bogazici University, Istanbul, M.A. in Adult education at the same university (graduation in 1987); various duties at the echelons of the organizations of the blind, including the Presidency of the Turkish Federation of the Blind; author of "Homeros'tan Aşık Veysel'e Tarihte ve Toplum Yaşamında Körler" (The Blind in History And Society From Homer to Aşık Veysel), published in 2005 by Bogazici University (in Turkish); author of various articles on blindness in English, Turkish and German; a key person in providing and advising technologies for the blind in Turkey. Currently, member of the Board of the European Blind Union; Vice-President of the Confederation of the Disabled in Turkey.