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Mira Burri

Mira Burri is a senior research fellow at the World Trade Institute and a lecturer in law at the University of Bern. She convenes and teaches the course 'International Law of Contemporary Media', and co-teaches 'International Trade Regulation' and 'International Intellectual Property Law'. Mira leads a research project on digital technologies and trade governance as part of the Swiss Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR): Trade. She has published widely on digital media, trade and culture and broader global governance issues in a number of peer-reviewed outlets, such as the Journal of International Economic Law, the Common Market Law Review, the European Law Review, the International Journal of Cultural Property and I/S: A Journal of the Law and Policy of the Information Society. Mira is the co-editor of the publications Free Trade versus Cultural Diversity (Schulthess 2004); Digital Rights Management: The End of Collecting Societies? (Staempfli et al. 2005); Intellectual Property and Traditional Cultural Expressions in a Digital Environment (Edward Elgar 2008); Governance of Digital Game Environments and Cultural Diversity (Edward Elgar 2010), as well as more recently Trade Governance in the Digital Age (Cambridge University Press 2012). Mira is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Communications Law and Policy and of the International Journal of Cultural Property, as well as a rapporteur to the UK Economic and Social Research Council. Mira has consulted the European Parliament on cultural diversity matters. She consults also on trade and innovation issues, in particular with regard to digital trade. She is a founding member of the Harvard-based Network of Centers for Internet and Society.