IGF 2014 has ended

Mwendwa Kivuva

Mr. Mwendwa Kivuva has wide experience in internet policy development at the local and international level with a passion for the Internet governance. He is the Secretary General of Internet Society (ISOC) Kenya Chapter and secretary of ISACA Kenya communications committee. He is also the Kenyan ICANN's At-large Structure representative to African At-large Organization (AFRALO) where individual internet users’ voice is heard within ICANN.


He has participated actively on all East African IGFs. In 2013, he attended the global IGF in Bali - Indonesia as an ISOC Ambassador. Kivuva has participated in organizing the 2013 and 2014 Kenya IGF being the Secretary of the Kenya IGF steering committee for 2014. ISOC Kenya is the convener of the local IGF initiative.


Kivuva’s interest is anchored around the role of the Internet as a tool for Social and economic development focusing on Internet governance, public ICT policy, the right and access to communication and Information for all. He also spearheads increased uptake of IPv6 in the African region.


Kivuva has over ten years of Information Technology and administrative experience and currently works at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, as the Senior ICT Officer, Network Infrastructure Services.