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Nasser Kettani

Nasser Kettani is graduated from French Orsay University, in Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science. He has over than 25 years of experience in the IT and software industry working for leading IT companies including Rational Software, IBM and Microsoft. He spent most of his career in Europe. His background includes Software Design and Development, Project Management, Consulting, International Standardization, Sales and Marketing, and Technology Leadership.


In 2005, Nasser Kettani joined Microsoft as the General Manager for North Africa. He was subsequently appointed Director of Interoperability and Standards for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region and more recently as the Director and CTO for Middle East and Africa (MEA).


As the MEA Chief Technology Officer, Nasser Kettani is the Microsoft Ambassador in the region; he supports and advises Governments, Customers and Partners, as they assess the impact of major technology shifts and as they build national ICT policies, strategies, frameworks and regulations that allow them to make the best out of these major ICT developments. His areas of expertise spans, amongst other things, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Privacy, Interoperability, e-Government, e-Education, Internet Governance, Innovation, …


Nasser has an extensive experience on the development of International Standards; he has authored many articles and a best-selling book on Software Design and Modeling “De Merise à UML”. He was lecturer on Software development best practices at Dauphine University, Paris France and delivered hundreds of lectures at ICT conferences around the globe.