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Pedro Less Andrade

Google Inc
Director Public Policy Latin America
Buenos Aires
Pedro is a Lawyer from University of Buenos Aires, holds a Master's degree (LL.M) from University of Georgia; and pursued postgraduate studies in the Legal Framework of the Multilateral Trading System of the WTO.

Back in 2007 he started Google’s public policy work in Latin America. Since then, he has been involved in the legislative and regulatory process of Internet related issues, national digital agendas, regional broadband strategies across Latin America and global discussions on Internet Governance.

Additionally, Pedro also serves as Vice President of Public Policy of the Latin American & Caribbean Federation of Internet and E-commerce (eCOM-LAC), board member and head of the regulatory commission of Argentina’s Internet Industry Chamber (CABASE), and member of legislative commission of the Argentinean E-commerce Chamber (CACE).

He has been also a law professor at the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires and faculty member of the South School of Internet Governance (SSIG) and invited professor and lecturer at several Latin American universities.