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Paul Levins

Intellectual Ventures
Program Director, APAC/EU Monetisation and President, Australia and New Zealand
Sydney, Australia
Paul Levins is the President Australia and New Zealand for Intellectual Ventures (IV) where he also manages the monetisation program across IV's Asian offices. IV is a private equity company that invests in the creation and development of new invention. IV has more than $5.7 billion under management and collaborates with leading inventors and companies. His previous experience includes four years as Executive Officer and Vice President of ICANN, setting up ICANN’s Washington DC office where he negotiated the Affirmation of Commitments with the US Dept of Commerce. He has worked as a senior executive in the construction and telecommunications sectors and a Chief of Staff in a range of government portfolios.

He is a current Independent Director of the Board of auDA, the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for Australia's .au domain space, a current Independent Director of the ANZAC Medical Research Institute and an Honorary Associate and guest lecturer at the Graduate School of Government at the University of Sydney.