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Venancio Massingue

Science Innovation and Information and Communication Technology Research Institute (SIITRI) / Former Minister of Science

Venancio Massingue was a key player in bringing the Internet to Mozambique, and key player in the promotion and expansion of ICT in Mozambique. From 1997 to 2005 he was Vice-Rector for Administration & Resources and Information and Communications Technologies at UEM and in 2005 was appointed

Minister of Science and Technology, he masterminded the development of the Mozambique ICT Policy and ICT Strategy.


From 1996 to date he served on many national and international committees concerned with ICT, including the African Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) of the African Information Society Initiative (AISI) of UN-ECA, and the UNESCO Intergovernmental Informatics Programme. Currently, he is the Executive Secretary of the Mozambique Acacia Advisory Committee and the president of the UNESCO Regional Informatics for Africa (RINAF).